Working through change

What are the key concepts that distinguish the approach I work with?  Here are some big ideas, with some favourite quotes.

Learning from nature

Growth and decay - we see it all around us in the cycles of nature.

"For firms focused on organic growth, failure - in reasonably proportion to success - is a sign of health". Robert Greifeld of NASDAQ

Change is good for us

Nature teaches us that we need continually to change, to learn and grow.

"Always change a winning team". Peter Robertson

"Equilibrium is death". Richard Pascale

Chaos rules

We need to get used to being comfortably out of control.  Complexity theory has a lot to teach us.

Managing change is one of the great oxymorons of our time.

"We can never direct a living system. We can only disturb it." Meg Wheatley

"Let it Happen" beats "Make it Happen."

Stability promotes change

People have a natural tendency to exploreLeaders should create a secure base, where people feel safe.

Communities matter

Western individualism starts in the wrong place.

"You are, therefore I am." Satish Kumar