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Creating Meaning Together

A chapter in the book, Faithful Improvisation? Theological Reflections on Senior Leadership, edited by Loveday Alexander and Mike Higton. I suggest that churches and business schools could learn from one another about leadership, if they engaged more critically together.

The book was published by Church House Publishing.


Questioning Business Schools

A chapter in the book, Developing Leadership: Questions Business Schools Don't Ask, edited by Chris Mabey and Wolfgang Mayerhofer.

The book was published by Sage.

Ministry and Management: Convergence, Divergence and Prospects

A paper written for the Susannah Wesley Foundation, based on a talk I gave at their launch conference at Roehampton University. It explores the interplay of attitudes to management and ministry, leadership and organisation between churches and business since the publication of Peter Rudge's Ministry and Management in 1968.

You can read and download the article from the Papers and Reports section of the SWF website.

Some other highlights

2015. Modem conference on Faith in the Future: Organization, Power and Trust at Sarum College. I presented a working paper on Trust as an Emergent Property. You can read it here.

2014. International Studying Leadership Conference at Copenhagen Business School. I presented a paper, From Great to Good Enough: Embracing the Ordinary in Leadership. It explores the interplay between Jim Collins' Good to Great and Donald Winnicott's work on good enough parenting - read the extended abstract.

2013. Publication of Moving on in Ministry. I contributed the opening chapter, Approaching Transitions. It draws on mainstream ideas, such as William Bridges' work on transitions, as well as newer insights ranging from ecosystems through complexity theory to liminality.

2012. Publication of The Formless Void as Organizational Template. A new take on a traditional creation story, from the perspective of complexity theory.What does it mean for the way we lead in our organizations? Published in the Journal of Management, Spirituality and Religion (JMSR). Read the abstract on the Publications page or visit the JMSR website.

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Embracing Chaos: Leadership Insights from Complexity Theory

A short (28 page) introduction aimed primarily at those involved in church leadership, but should be of interest more widely. Chapters include Emergence and Self-Organization, and The Importance of Small Things. Includes links to web resources. Read a review here.

Only £3.95! Click on this link to order your copy at the publisher's website (free p&p). E-version also available.

You can listen to a podcast where I'm interviewed about the booklet here. It's entitled Focus on Change and forms part of the CPAS Leadership Focus series.

If you're interested in finding out more about the ideas I work with, you can find a good summary in my article The Prairie and the Rainforest: Ecologies for Sustaining Organisational Change, published in Business Leadership Review in 2007. Read it here.