Working through change

I contribute to a wide range of conferences.  Here are some examples.


Leadership Development as Community of Enquiry. Paper presented at 4th annual Developing Leadership Capacity Conference at Exeter Centre for Leadership Studies. Read the abstract.


I took part in two panel sessions with colleagues at the International Leadership Association (ILA) conference in London. Abstracts to follow.


Transformation and Change: A Non-Linear View. My colleague Arthur Turner and I ran four workshops at the Public Service Management Wales Summer School in LampeterThese offered an alternative to the prevailing Western view of leadership and change, which is one of cause and effect. You can see a video of one of the workshops here.


Fractal Leadership: Emerging Perspectives for Worldly Leaders. Paper presented at the symposium From Global to Worldly Leadership, organised by the Leadership Trust. You can read the abstract here.

Take Me To Your Leader: Towards a Fractal View of Ethical Leadership. Paper presented at the European Business Ethics Network UK conference on the theme Where Is Business Ethics? You can read the abstract here.

Solid Rock or Shifting Sand? Sub-titled 'Housebuilding Tips for the Wise', this workshop looked at different attitudes to change and where different people find their security. Part of Bristol Diocese's Equipped to Grow conference. You can see the slides here.


Making Companies Whole. Conference on Wholeness at Work at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. Click here for information about the conference.

Embracing Chaos: The Formless Void as Organizational Template. Conference on Organizations and Belief Systems at the University of Tampa FL. Organised by Universiteit voor Humanisteik, Utrecht. Click here to read the abstract.


The Ecological Model: Sustaining Creativity and Innovation. 8th annual Gulf Marketing Forum, Doha, Qatar. Click here for information about the forum.

Taking Control? A View from the Glasshouse.  Annual SSCE conference at Oxford on The Ideology of Managerialism in Church, Politics and Society. Click here for the full paper.

Having Faith in Management: Deluded, Dangerous or Doable?  5th Critical Management Studies Conference, Manchester Business School. Click here for the abstract.


Building the Responsible Enterprise. Sustainability Roundtable, INSEAD Fontainebleau.

Developing a Change Management Strategy. Government Connect Integrated Change Forum.  Reebok Stadium, Bolton.

Perspectives on Leadership. Past, Present and Future Conference, Ridley Hall, Cambridge.

Developing an Ecology for Sustainable Church Leadership. MODEM conference on Christian Leadership through Transition and Change, Sheffield.


Change or Decay: Renewing the Individual and the Corporation. 4th Studying Leadership Conference, Lancaster University Management School.

Diversity in Leadership Teams: New Perspectives, Practical Applications. Professional Network Conference, Exeter Centre for Leadership Studies.

Gimme Five! Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Leadership. John Adair Colloquium. St George's House, Windsor.


Serenity, Courage and Wisdom: Changing Competencies for Leadership. 3rd Studying Leadership Conference, Exeter Centre for Leadership Studies.

Holistic Change Management. IDEA E-Champions Network conferences. Town Hall, Manchester & Royal Armouries, Leeds. 

Leading in a Complex World: New Approaches for Church Leaders. An innovative conference arranged by MODEM and Winchester Business School. 20 participants spent a creative 24 hours together. "Enjoyable", "thought provoking" and "encouraging" were just three comments.