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What are the best books on leadership published in the 21st century?

A casual conversation led to a major initiative, sponsored by MODEM. A group of leaders from business schools to churches got together to answer this question. We chose 20 books: 10 general titles and 10 on leadership in a Christian context (though boundaries were fluid, as shown by the inclusion of a book by a rabbi in the latter category). The panel wrote short reviews of each book - a Twitter limit of 140 characters was too much of a challenge, but we restricted ourselves to 140 words. You can read or download the resultant 16 page booklet here.

Click here to read a review of seven varied books:

George Binney, Gerhard Wilke & Colin Williams, Living Leadership (2005)

Keith Grint, Leadership: Limits and Possibilities (2005)

Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee, Primal Leaders=The New Leaders (2002)

Warren G Bennis & Robert J Thomas, Geeks and Geezers (2002)

Joseph L Badaracco Jr, Leading Quietly (2002)

Jim Collins, Good to Great (2001)

Margaret J Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science. (1999)

Workplace Spirituality

Sue Howard & David Welbourn, The Spirit at Work Phenomenon (2004)

Read a full review here.

Christian Approaches to Leadership

Bill Robinson, Incarnate Leadership (2009)

Read a full review here.